Arena mode is one of the new features in the latest 2015 update and it just happens to be the first PvP(player vs. player) mode in the game.


In every generic Arena mode map, there will be at least 4 player spawns. A combination of equipment, turret and health crates, as well as power blocks, will be placed randomly on the map. However, player-created Arena mode maps may also contain structures and may have already-placed turrets.

Turrets that are placed by the owner of the map will attack both players and Goblocks, requiring the need for the game to inform the player about turret placement, since too many turrets can lead to a very difficult battle.

Starting a Round in Arena ModeEdit

When starting a round in arena mode, players can choose to have floating blocks or not(i.e. blocks do not obey gravity). Players can then choose the number of players to allow for this round(2 to 4 players).

When all players have successfully connected, they will have a chance to vote for a starting weapon to be standardized for this round. All starting weapons have no modifications and any modifications that the player has with any weapon will not be applied.

These starting weapons consist of(unconfirmed):

  1. Pistol
  2. Plasma Pistol
  3. Shotgun
  4. Plasma Rifle

After choosing a starting weapon, players can then now vote for a battle location. Players can search and choose a suitable map. Once chosen, the map with the highest number of votes will be used as the battle location.


When in battle, players spawn only with their starting weapons, which can be used indefinitely. Players can also collect crates to obtain a new equipment or turret. Unlike regular gameplay, collected turrets can only be placed once and collected equipment will only be usable until its ammunition is used up(i.e. it cannot be reloaded). All used items will disappear from the player's inventory.

There is a time limit for Arena mode. The player with the highest kill to death ratio will win the round after the time expires.