Bazooka (cropped)
Basic Information
Offensive Capabilities

200 Blocks

Armor Piercing



3 Shots


The Bazooka is a large metal tube slung over the player's shoulder that shoots rockets, almost obliterating enemies in a very large range. It has yellow and black caution tape wrapped around its circumference at one point.

Bazooka ModsEdit

  • Block Fortress Bazooka Icon
    Damage Mod: Increases weapon damage by 25%. No maximum.
  • Range Mod: Increases weapon range by  10%. No maximum.
  • AOE Mod: Increases the weapon blast radius by .5 blocks. 6 maximum.
  • R.O.F. Mod: Increases the weapon rate of fire by 20%. 5 maximum.
  • Armor Piercing Mod: Increases the damage the weapon deals to armored targets by 20%. No maximum.
  • Ammo Mod: Increases the weapon ammo capacity by 25%. No maximum.
  • Reload Mod: Decreases the weapon reload time by 15%. 5 maximum.
  • Tactical Light: Shines a light where you aim. Allows turrets without Detection Mod to shoot at illuminated targets at night. 1 maximum.


This weapon can be treated like a mortar, using its immense power to take out large numbers of units.


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