Version 1.3, 18 Aug 2017Edit

  • Support for 64-bit

Version 1.2.4, 13 Sep 2014Edit

  • Fixes for the game running on iOS 8

Version 1.2.3, 11 May 2014Edit

  • Effects of the Charger block for the Blockbots were decreased
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2.2, 28 Apr 2014Edit

  • Various crashes were fixed
  • Optimizations were made
  • Data stability was improved

Version 1.2.1, 4 Apr 2014Edit

  • Advanced stages in Endless Mode is now more difficult
  • Mission 5 on Planet Z for Campaign Mode has been made slightly easier
  • Bugs fixed:
-The game will crash on boot-up when running on iOS 5.x devices
-Engineer's "Power Boost" ability will constantly decrease the range of turrets
-Bug related to iCloud when unlocking heroes and equipment

Version 1.2, 29 Mar 2014Edit

  • Endless mode was introduced
  • The move stick was replaced with a floating move stick
  • Units are now equipped with a basic weapon by default
  • Certain irrelevant chat messages were removed
  • The rate at which the Radioactive heals when his "Transmutate" ability was active was reduced significantly
  • Stability of the game was improved
  • Bugs were fixed:
-Blockbot's Alpha's "High Yield" ability remains active indefinitely when he dies
-A rare crash which results in the loss of a player's game data
-Other minor bugs

Version 1.1, 18 Mar 2014Edit

  • Two new usable items added:
- Reinforce and Mineral Shipment
  • Players now start off with a number of free usable items to aid them in tougher battles
  • A projection of the build radius was added to the barracks
  • Build radius and height around resource nodes was increased drastically
  • Resource blocks now give a gradual flow of 50 additional minerals after the initial shipment
  • Health of L2 and L3 building blocks have been increased
  • Drag controls have been improved:
-Pinch zooming has been added
-Two-finger pivoting has been added to rotate the camera
  • Enemy unit target has been changed:
-Players can now force a unit to target a specific block or unit, rather than setting enemy units as priority targets than enemy blocks
-This ability is explained under the "Tactics" section of the game's help menu(indicated by an icon with a ?)
  • Missions 4 and 5 of the Goblocks race in Campaign Mode was made slightly easier
  • Time spent in battle to receive rare minerals and rank points in multiplayer has been reduced
  • Heroes no longer heal when next to a captured mineral node or their barracks whenever they are attacking or are being attacked
  • All heroes have a base 20% resistance to ailments(e.g. stun, slow, poison etc.)
  • Rare minerals can now be earned if players lose the battle but survived for at least 2 minutes
  • The game has been made more stable
  • Bugs fixed:
-No rare minerals are earned in multiplayer battles
-The map in mission 5 of the Zomblocks race would go dark
-Permanent HP buffs will reset after gaining a level
-Brute's "Mutate" ability does not increase his move speed
-Players can get knocked off the edge of the map
-Other minor bugs

Version 1.0.1, 28 Feb 2014Edit

  • New icon introduced[need specific icon name]
  • Various tweaks made to the game
  • Several bugs fixed

Version 1.0, 27 Feb 2014Edit

  • Block Fortress: War released for iOS.