Depth Charge
Depth Charge

Depth Charge

Basic Information
Offensive Capabilities
Damage per Hit


AOE Radius


Armor Piercing


Depth Charges explode when enemies bump into them. They take 5 seconds to activate after being placed. Must be placed on water blocks.


A spiked metal box.


Damage 80.0 - 100.0
AOE Radius/blocks 3.0
Armor Piercing Low

Depth Charge ModsEdit

  • Block Fortress Depth Charge Icon
    Damage Mod: Increase the block damage by 25%. No maximum
  • AOE Mod: Increase the block blast radius by .5 blocks. 6 d
  • Stun Mod: Gives the block a chance to stun targets. 5 maximum
  • Slow Mod: Gives the block a chance to slow targets. 5 maximum


Useful anytime your base is surrounded by water, and can cut off most water routes to your base.

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