Used to launch a flare, which illuminates the entire map for a short time(40 seconds).


The Flare appears as a metal, orange box with a square hole on the top side to project the flare.

A detonating flare.

A flare.

Flare ModsEdit

  • HP Mod: Increase the health of the block by 20 hp. 5 maximum
  • Repair Mod: Slowly repair the block over time when it is damaged. 5 maximum.
  • Power Source: The block becomes self powered, no longer requires a Power Block. 1 maximum.
  • Salvage Mod: Receive back 100% of the block build cost when the block is deleted. 1 maximum.

Uses and TacticsEdit

Each use of the Flare launches a rocket that burns up in midair, lighting the whole map for approximately 40 seconds. The Flare can be used 3 times before it runs out of flares and must be reloaded for $50.

Heavy use of the Flare can render night levels as easy as day, but you will mostly be bound to your base on higher levels due to flares burning out and stopping your turrets from targeting high-priority Goblocks, allowing them to destroy your base.

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