There are four game modes in Block Fortress


Start placing your barracks anywhere you want!(But be careful where you place it because if you plant to place it on a flat land enemies can easily destroy your defences,maybe you wanna put it on a huge hill where its hard for the enemies to reach you.

When you have done that start make your own fortress(but beware you start at limited resources and use it well. If you want to attack this is an icon that you must press you attack and defend your tower. When you kill all of your enemies you approach a new round where there is harder, skilful enemies and each round there will be more enemies.


In this game mode you get tonnes of resources and you make a really creative Base. You can unlock more types of defences like And Howitzer. But remember You will lose your resources if you waste it on walls!


Sandbox is the third mode in Block Fortress. You receive infinite resources and minerals while you fight off a relentless onslaught of Goblocks. The player is also given the abilities to change difficulty, time of day, and Goblock waves on and off mid-game. There is one achievement centered on this mode, which's objective is to create a huge fort.


Co-op is the fourth mode in Block Fortress which allows you and up to three friends to survive co-operatively through Gamecenter. You may also download and upload player-made maps.