Goblock Captain
Goblock Captain New
Basic Information
Offensive Capabilities
 Goblock Captains are formidable foes which inspire nearby ranged units additional health, damage and speed. Units that have been inspired have green rotating hexagons below their feet.


Goblock Captains wear a similar outfit to Goblock Shooters. They wield a laser that looks like an enlongated version of the Plasma Pistol.

Whenever they fire their laser, a trail of red-orange smoke and orange electrical paths will appear. At the point at which the laser contacts an obstacle, a splotch of the same colour as its smoke will appear. All these visuals will fade over time.

These lasers will reach their targets the instant they were fired.


It is recomended to use various long-range weaponry like Sniper Rifles to eliminate these captains before they can move in close enough to do damage. You can also use .50 Cal turrets to take them out since these enemies only attack when they are close enough to their target; as close as the Goblock Shooter.

Vortex Guns are also useful since there is a slight chance of instantly destroying Goblocks who are caught in its blast radius. However, it is not advisable to use them as they are only available at Base Level 3. Vortex Guns are better off to be used against Giants and any other hard-to-kill Goblocks like the Elite GoblockGoblock Tinkerer or the Goblock Medic.