Goblock Warlord
New Goblock Warlord
Basic Information


Wave Encountered





Very High

Offensive Capabilities
Damage per Hit





It is a super-sized Goblock carrying an axe and a pistol, probably the Blunderbuss.

It also has huge jetpacks similar to that of a Goblock Assault and carries a white-and-black skull flag.


In terms of health, Goblock Warlords are only second to Giants. To kill these enemies, you should get rid of any Goblock Tinkerers and Goblock Medics that are within range of a Goblock Warlord, since the shield and healing they provide can render him immune to almost all damage. After that, you can use just about everything in your arsenal to take him down.


  • Goblock Warlord

    The Goblock Warlord appearing in older versions of Block Fortress.

In older version of Block Fortress, the Goblock Warlord ressembles the old Goblock Hammerer but instead of a hammer, he wields a spiked stone hammer. He has horns on its sides and carries a red melee flag as well.

  • The new Goblock Warlord appears to be Da Boss from Block Fortress: War.
  • Although he is seen carrying a pistol, he will never use it. However, in Block Fortress: War, he can use it as a secondary weapon.
  • He will never use his jetpack. But in Block Fortress: War, he will use it when the ability "Jump" is activated.

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