Heroes are the main unit the player will use throughout gameplay. All heroes have three separate abilities, each effecting thegame some how. Each hero's sprite is based off its original race. Also, all heroes have high health and medium attack genrally.

Hero list Edit

Block men Edit


Generals have high health, And a medium attack. The ranged attack is displayed as a machine pistol, while the melee weapon is a sword. In the ranged stance, the general aims his gun straight foreword and has his sword clutched next to his hip. In melee stance, his sword switches positions with his gun, and he will now use his sword for combat.


Inspire Increases damage, armour and speed or your hero and all nearby units.

Body guard

Summons three level one units, with either a gun, or a sword.

Air strike

Sends down multiple bombs, that deals high damage in a area. Stats

Hp: 600

Speed: 3.2

Attack (melee): 27

Piercing: 60

Range: (unknown)

Armour: 50

Dodge chance: 10%

Block chance: 0%

Engineer Engineers are powerful long ranged combatants. Most of their abilities involve turrets and blocks. The engineer has a yellow cap, a machine gun, and a large wrench on his back. He also appears to have a half the remains of a targeter on his eye.

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