Block Fortress Jump Pack Icon

A back-mounted Jump Pack like the ones used by Goblocks. Use it to fly for short periods of time.

Jump Pack ModsEdit

  • Range Mod: Increases the Range of the Jump Pack.

(5 Range mods maximum.)

  • Reload Mod: Decreases the reload time of the Jump Pack by 15%.

(5 Reload Mods maximum.)


Used well, the Jump Pack can become one of your most powerful assets. There are two main methods of movement using it:

  • Vertical: Hold the Jump Pack icon down. The longer you hold it down, the higher you will jump. Release it to send yourself rocketing into the air! Aim in the direction you want to jump with the joystick.
  • Horizontal: From a jumping or running start, tap the Jump Pack icon repeatedly to send yourself skimming along the ground. This is a much faster method of transportation than walking, and uses very little fuel. However, colliding with an obstacle will send you flying back the way you came.
  • An interesting yet powerful combination, is the jump pack combined to the bazooka. Example: Hold down the jump icon, until empty, it shall launch you into the air, then, with the bazooka, target an enemy and hail down a fire of rockets upon the ones who oppose you!


  • If you finish a wave while still flying with the Jump Pack, during your Build Phase you will periodically be surrounded by a cloud of smoke like the one that the Jump Pack produces.