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This is a comprehensive list containing all the guides which are meant to help players which are having trouble with certain missions in Block Fortress: War. This list contains all missions and the strategies that are recommended for each race to take in order to complete the mission.

Note: If you are new to Block Fortress: War and/or have not played all of the missions, you would rather go on to discover what these missions have in store for you. The guides will show the specific details of a mission and would very likely spoil some content that would be considered part of a surprise element.


Guides for Earth III(Block Men) MissionsEdit

Mission 1: Border Checkpoint

Mission 2: Fort Tetrax

Mission 3: Shipyards

Mission 4: Hydro Plant

Mission 5: Imperial Palace

Guides for Gobbo(Goblocks) MissionsEdit

Mission 1: Tribal Skirmish

Mission 2: Supply Depot

Mission 3: The Mines of Gobbs-Grimm

Mission 4: The Block Gate

Mission 5: Cave City

Guides for Planet Z(Zomblocks) MissionsEdit

Mission 1: Wasteland

Mission 2: Ruined Temple

Mission 3: Zomblock Horde

Mission 4: Ancient City

Mission 5: Desecrated Palace

Guides for Mecha(Blockbots) MissionsEdit

Mission 1: The Outer Grid

Mission 2: Inner Grid, Sector 528

Mission 3: Reclamation Facility 284

Mission 4: Mineral Refinery 36-8

Mission 5: Omega City, Section 4

Guides for B'ock(Blockoids) MissionEdit

Mission 1: Shar'khan Monolith

Mission 2: Quartine Temple

Mission 3: Waterways of Ka'tat

Mission 4: Qua'zi Shrine

Mission 5: Palace of Kor'at