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This guide contains specific details about enemy spawns, enemy equipment, enemy turrets etc.

Tribal Skirmish is the very first mission you play when starting your first profile in Block Fortress: War. It is the easiest mission of the whole campaign and is used in the tutorial to teach a new player.

Mission DifficultyEdit

This is the easiest mission of the campaign, due to it being used for the tutorial. There are no special waves and the enemies here have reduced health.

Map GeographyEdit

Your base and the goblock base are spaced far apart each other on both sides of the long grassland, along with having 3 mineral nodes evenly spaced out from each other. There are a few trees and tree trunks that can be used for firing from higher ground.

IMG 0045

Enemy TacticsEdit

The following loadouts for the enemy as shown:

Enemy Squad Level

L. 1


L. 2



Completion as any RaceEdit

No real strategies needed for this level. You can basically use your hero to push forward and tank for your troops. It is also highly likely you won't need to use any turrets or blocks here.