Basic Information
Offensive Capabilities
Armor Piercing


A powerful, mortar-style, missile launcher that fires a high arcing missile that breaks into 6 smaller, seperate parts, which explode upon contact with the enemy or the ground. This turret is capable of dealing massive damage to a huge area.


HP 100
Power Units Needed 1
Damage 50.0 - 60.0
Range/blocks 40
A.O.E. Radius/blocks 4.0
Armor Piercing Low
Rate Of Fire/seconds 8.0

^Note that the above are base values. These values can be improved by crafting and equipping mods into this turret.


  • Build as many M.I.R.V.s as you can. These turrets are capable of destroying anything in its missile blast radius. A single M.I.R.V. turret may be inaccurate but this can be countered by building multiple of them.
  • It's best to focus on upgrading their rate of fire through R.O.F. modifications. It helps to counter their long reload times.
  • You can place these over short walls, just like mortars. Since M.I.R.Vs would fire their missle over the wall, allowing them to deal damage to hidden enemies.
  • Avoid placing any blocks above them, as it may intefere with the missiles fired.
M.I.R.V. missile break

Missiles fired from the M.I.R.V.


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