Machine Gun
Basic Information


Offensive Capabilities
Damage per Hit




Armor Piercing


Rate of Fire


A small caliber, rapid-fire machine gun.


The machine gun is mostly useless at level 11 and above. It has short range, low power and low armor piercing. Its only upside is its high ROF, which makes it useful for mowing down large amounts of weak Goblocks.

Crafting ModsEdit

Upgrade Description Cost
Damage Mod

Increases this weapon's damage by 25%.

1 Blue, 3 Green
Range Mod

Increases this weapon's range by 10%.

2 White

HP Mod

Increases the health of this block by 20HP.

2 Blue, 2 Green, 2 White
Power Source

The turret becomes self powered, no longer requiring power from a power block.

10 Blue, 10 Green, 20 White

Repair Mod

Slowly repairs this turret over time whenever damaged.

4 Blue, 1 Green, 2 White
Detector Mod

Allows this turret to target enemies in the dark, without the aid of a light.

15 Blue, 15 Green, 10 White
Salvage Mod

You will receive 100% of this block's build cost when deleted.

10 Blue, 10 Green, 10 White

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