Rapid fire weapon, capable of blowing most enemies to bits

Basic Information
Offensive Capabilities


a small gun with a very high ROF. When in use, the front part spins in circles.

Minigun ModsEdit

  • Block Fortress Minigun Icon
    Damage Mod: Increases weapon damage by 25%. No maximum.
  • Range Mod: Increases weapon range by  10%. No maximum.
  • Accuracy Mod: Increases the weapon accuracy by 20%. 4 maximum.
  • Armor Piercing Mod: Increases the damage the weapon deals to armored targets by 20%. No maximum.
  • Ammo Mod: Increases the weapon ammo capacity by 25%. No maximum.
  • Reload Mod: Decreases the weapon reload time by 15%. 5 maximum.
  • Tactical Light: Shines a light where you aim. Allows turrets without Detection Mod to shoot at illuminated targets at night. 1 maximum.


   Decent damage, range, Armor Piercing, ROF, and capacity. Mediocre accuracy and bad reload time (12 seconds unmodified, 3 seconds with maximum modification). Best used against goblocks with high health or a large group of goblocks, as it will shred them dead.