Block Fortress War has five missions including endless mode in each race. Once you complete the mission in each race, is grants you money to by heroes, equipment, turrets, and more.

Earth III       Race-Block Men heroesEdit

Mission 1-Border Check Point General

Mission 2-Fort Tetrax General

Mission 3-Shipyards. Engineer and 2 generals

Mission 4-Hydro Plant Engineer and general

Mission 5-Imperial Palace

Gobbo        Race-GobblocksEdit

Mission 1-Tribal Skirmish (Easy)

Mission 2-Supply Depot (Easy)

Mission 3-The Mines of Gobbs-Grim (Normal)

Mission 4-The Block Gate (Hard)

Mission 5-Cave City (Pretty difficult if not fitted for high damage sniper laser beams)

Planet Z     Race-ZomblocksEdit

Mission 1-Wasteland (Normal)

Mission 2-Ruined Temple (Normal)

Mission 3-Zomblock Horde (Hard)

Mission 4-Ancient City (Very hard)

Mission 5-Desecrated Palace (Not quite nightmare)

Mecha        Race-BlockbotsEdit

Mission 1-The Outer Grid(easy)

Mission 2-Inner Grid, Sector 528(easy,but be careful of bots from side)

Mission 3-Reclamation Facility 284(normal)

Mission 4-Mineral Refinery 36-8(easy/normal)

Mission 5-Omega City Section 4(nightmare)

B'ock           Race-BlockoidsEdit

Mission 1-Shar'khan Monolith(easy)

Mission 2-Quartine Temple(easy)

Mission 3-Waterways of Ka'tat(normal,but be careful of blockoids that suddenly spawned on the waterway)

Mission 4-Qua'zi Shrine(hard)

Mission 5-Palace of Kor'at(nightmare,with an ancient with 6685hp, dreadnought with 3324 hp, and a physic with 1882 hp, 😓)