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A small gun with a short barrel, designed to be held in one hand.

Pistol ModsEdit

  • Damage Mod: Increases the weapon's damage by 25%. No maximum.
  • Range Mod: Increases the weapon's range by 10%. No maximum.
  • Accuracy Mod: Increases the weapon's accuracy by 20%. 4 maximum.
  • Stun Mod: Gives the weapon a chance to stun targets. 5 maximum.
  • Slow Mod: Gives the weapon a chance to slow targets. 5 maximum.
  • R.O.F. Mod: Decreases the weapon fire delay by .05 seconds. 5 maximum.
  • Armor Piercing Mod: Increases the damage the weapon deals to armored targets by 20%. No maximum.
  • Ammo Mod: Increases the weapon's ammo capacity by 25%. No maximum
  • Reload Mod: Decreases the weapon's reload time by 15%. 5 maximum
  • Tactical Light: Shines a light where you aim. Allows turrets without the Detection Mod to shoot at illuminated targets at night. 1 maximum.


Only useful for shooting weak, unarmored enemies. Modifying it is still useful, though, since you start every game with it.


  • First weapon available in the game.

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