Rare Mineral Count

The rare mineral counter

Rare Minerals are resources that are used for crafting and come in 3 different colours: Blue, Green and White.

The number of rare minerals you have can be seen by the counter on the top-right hand corner of your screen.

When you start a new game of Block Fortress, you will have zero of each rare minerals.

How to ObtainEdit

Rare Minerals can be found in all the maps, the type of map will determine what color it is.

Rare Minerals are obtained by completing rounds in Survival Mode. They can also be harvested from mineral deposits by mine shafts(5% chance per round), mining drills(10% chance per round) and the Dog Bot.

Green Mineral Deposit

A green mineral deposit.

Blue Mineral Deposit

A blue mineral deposit.

White Mineral Deposit

A white mineral deposit.

Here is a list of maps and their corresponding rare mineral colour:

Location Name Resource Type
Ocean Rare Blue
Frozen Taundra Rare White
Swamp Rare Blue
Flat Plains Rare Green
Green Hills Rare Green
Jungle Rare Green
Snowy Hills Rare White
Rocky Mountains Rare White

Tropical Islands

Rare Blue
Tidal Cliffs Rare Blue

You can also press "Random" on the map and it will generate a random location with its corresponding resource type.

Map For Choosing Location To Generate

A sophisticated map for choosing your location to start a new game.

The game would also show you the resource type of the selected map.


These minerals can be used to craft mods for your weapons , turrets , specials , Tech Metals and bots .

Minerals can also be used to expand the number of slots available to allow more modifications to be crafted and equipped to a particular item.

Crafting Window

The crafting window for crafting mods for blocks, equipment etc.