Not to be confused with Spotlight(Equipment), an equipment used for illuminating areas.

A light that can be manually pointed at an area to illuminate it. Allowing turrets that would otherwise be unable to fire on targets at night to "see" the targets in the illuminated area. 


Tap on the spotlight block to open and tap on "Target" on the menu at the top right-hand corner.

Spotlight Block Target Highlighted

Tap on a block to target the area and illuminate it. Do note that there is a limit to how far the light can be shone and how the spotlight is angled to illuminate the targeted area. For example, spotlights placed on the side of blocks are capable of lighting up areas below and above them. In this example, we would target the spotlight to illuminate the 3 yellow blocks as shown below:

Spotlight Block To Target Pale Yellow Blocks

Once the spotlight is powered and has no difficulties attempting to light up the specified spot, it will then shine a light at that spot.

Spotlight Block Targeted Pale Yellow Block

Spotlight ModsEdit

  • Block Fortress Target Light Icon
    Range Mod: Increase the block range by 10%. (No maximum)
  • HP Mod: Increase the health of the block by 20 hp. (5 maximum)
  • Repair Mod: Slowly repair the block over time when it is damaged. (5 maximum)
  • Power Source: The turret becomes self powered, no longer requiring power from a power block. (1 maximum)
  • Salvage Mod: Receive back 100% of the block build cost when the block is deleted. (1 maximum)

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