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Another unconventional way of defending your barracks is by basically dropping blocks on your enemies. To do this, you should build a 1x1 tower on top of your barracks (It doesn't need to be very high, 2 to 3 blocks high should be sufficent) and building a floor connected to this tower by only one block. There can not be any blocks, excluding the barracks (Because you cannot attach blocks to the side of it), directly adjacent to the path that these blocks will take when they fall. Otherwise they will attach to these blocks and not make it all the way to the ground.

Triggering this trap is as simple as trashing that one block connecting the tower to the floor, and will kill all enemies that are 1 block tall. This means that, unfortunately, this method will not kill giants. I would recommend using wood for the floor, as you can trash it and regain the full coin you spent on it, but if you have the salvage mod on any of your other blocks, they will work fine too.  

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