666JZ666 Block Fortress Survival Gameplay05:01

666JZ666 Block Fortress Survival Gameplay

666JZ666 Block Fortress Survival Gameplay (lv66)

Survival Mode is the core mode of Block Fortress. How long can you survive against wave after wave of relentless Goblocks?

Wave DetailsEdit

As you fight the menacing goblocks, they will become more diverse as they continue attacking in waves. Each wave is random, and some new goblocks are introduced every few or so waves. Here's a list of when they're introduced:
1: Warrior Goblock
2: Gunner Goblock
3: Runner Goblock?
7: Kamikaze Goblock?
11: Shadow Goblock


Night falls in every 5 levels. Turrets are unable to shoot enemies unless they are lit by a nearby light source or have the detector mod.

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