• I have just recently noticed that there are 2 categories which are of the same meaning. Category:Mode and Category:Modes. These 2 categories contain almost the exact same articles(except for Night, which isn't even a mode). "Modes" is just the plural form of "Mode".

    I would suggest deleting either one of these categories in order to avoid confusion that readers may have when navigating this wiki.

    However, I am unsure of which category should be deleted and would thus, like to ask you all which one should be removed. I am just a registered user and I don't have the permission to remove articles like category pages.

    For the convenience of you administrators, I have created a vote poll so as to let the public decide which category should best be removed. To vote, simply click one of the radio buttons and then click "Vote!".

    Which category should be deleted?

    The poll was created at 10:06 on June 14, 2017, and so far 1 people voted.
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