Heroes are the main unit players will be using throughout gameplay. They genrally have high health, attack, armor. Each hero has different abilities, usually each having a passive, a hostile, and a support ability. A example of this is Da boss, the Goblock hero, he has a adrenaline ability, increasing his damage, which would be hostile, a jump pack, that is passive, and usually used for fleeing, and finally, sky team. Sky team is a support ability that summons troops. The majority of heroes have three different abilities, but some heroes only have hostile abilities (tank) and some other exeptions. All heroes level up after a certain amount of damage they inflict. When a hero levels up, all stats increase.

Hero list

The following list contains all races heroes, and is set into groups by race.

Block men


Generals have both powerful melee attacks, and ranged attack. They appear with a banner on their back, a cap, a gun pointed straight foreward, and a blade beside his hip. If you view him very carefully, you can see he has a beard. His cap is green, and his pants, and he wears black boots.


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