Plasma Rifle in Action

Weapons are in-game equipment that have the capability of doing damage to enemies and certain terrain blocks, such as Grass Blocks, Tree Trunks and Tree Leaves.

While turrets mainly comprise the bulk of your defenses, weapons can allow means of support in defending your base. Whether you're picking off high-priority units, illuminating the dark field, or freezing enemies in place, these various weapons are useful in battles and may even turn the tide of a battle.

Like turrets, all weapons can be upgraded using a variety of stat-boosting mods.

List of WeaponsEdit

Name Description Unlocks At Cost Damage Range A.O.E. Armor Piercing R.O.F. Capacity Reload Time stun/slow chance (%)
Pistol A standard-issue pistol. N/A $35 3-5 20 blocks N/A Low 3/sec 15 2 secs 0%/0%
Plasma Pistol An energy weapon with unreliable damage. Level 3 $10, m35 10-20 20 blocks N/A High 1.3/sec 20 4 secs 0%/0%
Power Hammer A powerful melee weapon that hits enemies in a small area. Level 10

$50, m50

50-75 1 block 2 blocks Very high 1/sec N/A N/A 0%/0%
Shotgun A short range, but very powerful assault weapon that shoots in a spread. Level 7 $75 5-10 7 blocks N/A Low 1.5/sec 6 6 secs 0%/0%
Machine Gun A well-rounded, rapid fire assault rifle.

Level 8

$125 5-7 40 blocks N/A Low 6.6/sec 30 4 sec 0%/0%
Sniper Rifle A super long range and very powerful rifle. Level 20

$150, m35

100-150 200 blocks N/A Very high 3.5/sec 6 8 secs 0%/0%

Plasma Rifle

A rapid fire energy weapon with unreliable damage and a small blast radius.

Level 15

$25, m75

15-20 40 blocks 3.5 blocks



4/sec 0%/0%
Bazooka A powerful, long range weapon with a large blast radius. Level 30 $350 100-150 200 blocks 4 blocks Low 2.5 secs 3 12 secs 0%/0%
Cryo Gun Freezes enemies in a large area. Level 18

$50, m50

5-10 30 blocks 6 blocks Very high 4/sec 5 10 secs 100%/0%
Minigun A rapid firing weapon, capable of blowing most enemies to bits. Level 35 $350 15-20 60 blocks N/A Low 9/sec 200 12 secs 0%/0%
Heavy Plasma A heavy weapon with enormous damage and a large blast radius. Level 50

$250, m100

300-350 70 blocks 9 blocks Very


N/A 1 30


Missile Pack Locks on and shoots a barrage of missiles at multiple enemies. Level 40

$250, m35

80-100 50 blocks 3 blocks low 5/sec 3

30 secs

Heavy Machine Gun A heavy caliber machine gun. Level 13 $250 12-14

30 blocks

N/A medium 4/sec 50

8  secs

Gravity Gun A powerful weapon that alters the gravity in an area for a short duration. Level 37 $150, m50 N/A 24 blocks 5 blocks N/A 1.6/sec 3 12 secs 0%/50%
Shrink Gun A weapon that shrinks all units in a radius, reducing thier speed, damage, and durability for a short time. Level 33 $250, m25 N/A

20 blocks

5 blocks N/A 1.6/sec 3 20 secs 0%/0%
Riot Shield This nearly-indestructable shield blocks almost all damage from the front and can be used to smash enemies away. $100 6-8 1 block N/A Low 1.2 sec 12 1.2 0%/0%
Power Blade A gaint, incredibly powerful sword that hits anything in the area in front of you. Level 22 $75, m75 120-140 1 blocks N/A very high 1/sec 12 1/sec 0%/0%

^ Values above default values.

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